There Are Lots of Ways to Show Up for People — An Interview with Amanda | Talking About Grief with Friends

Sorry For Your Loss
There Are Lots of Ways to Show Up for People — An Interview with Amanda | Talking About Grief with Friends


Or perhaps welcome back 🙂 I had a bit of an unintended hiatus — life just needs those sometimes — but I’m excited to be back with a few more episodes. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of them!

How has listening or sharing this podcast helped or affected you? It could be that you’re grieving for someone, or you felt comfortable approaching someone or asking a question… or something I wouldn’t have even expected! I’d love if you share your story by sending a recording or email to – or find me on instagram or facebook @sorryforyourlosspod. THANKS in advance—I look forward to hearing from you!

Now on to this new episode with my friend Amanda. I thought of Amanda almost immediately for this podcast for two reasons: one, we’re of similar age and she has already lost both of her parents — which is unusual, and unfair, and unfortunate. But that also gives her exactly the perspective I wanted to understand.

The second reason is because she’s open and approachable about her parents. It was an easy topic to broach because by knowing Amanda as a friend, you’ll get to know Evangeline and Ron, gently and casually.

Amanda’s story is told in two parts: this episode focuses on similar themes to previous interviews: what her grief looked like, and what she’s realized she needed in the 16 years since her mom died, and 6 since her dad died, and advice on what TO do and absolutely NOT to do.

In the following episode, Amanda talks more about the process of losing both parents, and how those experiences absolutely shaped her grief and her life. It’s basically a different thing to grieve; the way your life can change so abruptly. It’s super good, and a piece of grief that I hadn’t realized existed.

As always thank you for listening, and thank you to Amanda for sharing.

References in this episode:
C.S. Lewis’ book, A Grief Observed
Sockentine’s Day – On Valentine’s Day, you send a pair of wacky socks to people you care about!

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