Why ‘Sorry For Your Loss’?

In the coming episodes, you’ll hear interviews I conducted with my friends and family about their grief. Talking about grief is not something that many people do naturally – myself included. And when my friend Holly’s dad died a few years ago, I completely froze. I had no idea what to say to her.

This struck me as very odd. How could I not know what to say to my best friend? How was there such a gap in societal norms? Lucky for me, Holly and I were tight enough to be able to talk about this, and we realized that it’s pretty ridiculous how no one really knows what to do.

I hope these podcasts open up individual conversations around grief, and death, so that eventually we can all support each other — as friends, as a community. Maybe even as citizens of the worlllld!

(It sounds cheesy. But it just might work.)

I’ve discovered along the way that there is no right way to have a conversation about grief, but as long as you’re open to the discussion, it won’t be the wrong conversation. And you’ll be a better friend because of it.