You Grieve All The Time, Every Day – An Interview with Kelly | Talking About Grief with Friends

Sorry For Your Loss
You Grieve All The Time, Every Day - An Interview with Kelly | Talking About Grief with Friends

Hi again listeners, here is EPISODE TWO! of Sorry For Your Loss the podcast.

I hope that you have in your life friends who are as good to you as the two women in this podcast have been to me. Kelly, Holly, and I have been friends since I was a freshman in college which is … plenty … of years ago by now. So, we’re close. At the beginning you’ll hear them teasing me about my British vocab in a way only long-standing friends can. And it’s been amazing to have their friendship over these years of drama and mundanity that life throws at you in your 20s and 30s!

I also want to shout out to both of them because this entire podcast would most likely not have come to fruition without both of them. We heard from Holly in Episode One, she was the original catalyst. And when I told Kelly about the idea, she was immediately supportive and enthusiastic. She wholeheartedly agreed to be interviewed, really jumped at the idea. Thanks, Kelly!!

The three of us are talking in this episode about Kelly’s mom, Nancy, who died right at the end of college. Nancy had colon cancer, and it was a long process, with bouts of health and decline, so Kelly was able to reflect about what was happening when it was happening, and even more in the years since. We discuss how she’s felt as she moved through milestones – getting married, having kids, birthdays, etc – without her mom, and how simple it is to offer support.

We’re a bit of a mess at the beginning because I hadn’t worked out how to introduce a podcast with more than two people! So please forgive a few giggles and false starts. The content gets really good, just stick with us!

What we mentioned in this episode of Sorry For Your Loss:

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